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    Honest. Authentic. Voice.


Marty would like to tell you that after leaving his job as a roadie for Aerosmith, he married a supermodel and moved to Aruba.  But that would be a lie.  He was really a roadie for Metallica.


OK. The truth: Marty began his professional career as a reporter and anchor for a family-owned radio station in Kansas.  He used his savvy to nail down the coveted school board beat. When lightning would strike the transmitter, it was Marty's job to start the auxiliary transmitter, which was powered by a lawnmower engine.  Remarkably, he still uses the wisdom gained in that very first job to mow his lawn.


Marty was then hired as a reporter and anchor in Kansas City.  Within a year, he decided he'd covered enough dumpster fires and asked to be assigned to sports.  His specialty: coaxing bored athletes into saying absolutely nothing.  While covering the All-Star Game in Chicago, he was nearly killed by a batting practice line drive.  It didn't actually strike him, but he took it as a sign to move on.


He was next called upon to record commercials for clients who sold things like small garden statues.  As a result, Marty began to believe he could do voice work for a living. But he dreamed of recording commercials for clients who sold things like big garden statues.  While still looking for that big garden statue account, Marty spends time working with clients like Nike, McDonald's, Microsoft, HP and other important sounding companies.  He practices the fine art of voiceover from his home studio in Kansas City.  At least when the dogs aren't barking.

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